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Various producers

We offer a wide range of very quality second-hand machines, firstly machines for which we have exclusive dealership agreement with producers as much as second hand Trumpf machines.
We have huge knowledge and long experience in maintaining and servicing work for all machines that are sold by us.
Each machine is inspected by our qualified technicians before it is offered or delivered to the end customer. Also, each machine sold by INDEL-USLUGE is operatively functional in accordance with producers’ specification.
Very often we inspect machines which are still working in production, no mater location. After detailed inspection by our side, machine is professionally dismantled and prepared for transport. By arriving to customer`s location machine is carefully mounted, installed and education for work is given to customer, if necessary, of course.
The most often we have requests for punching machines, lasers, press brake machines, shears and rolls but we can offer other types of machines, in accordance with your wishes and current availability in market.

[second-hand punching machine]

[second-hand machine for cupper]


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