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INDEL-USLUGE is a company with 30 years of experience in service and maintenance of industrial machines and systems. Our more than one decade experience is a base for reliable and efficient service and maintenance work. We are continually educated at home and abroad to be able to achieve knowledge and better understanding of new technologies. It enables us fast and efficient service solutions when sudden machine malfunction appears. We offer following services:

  • Urgent machine service interventions
  • Annual maintenance agreements with priority status
  • Preventive machine and equipment maintenance
  • Installation of the machines
  • Education for work with machines
  • Inspection of second-hand machines
  • Machine dismantling and preparing for transport
  • Automatization of process lines with PLC systems
  • Development and improvement of existing lines
  • Robots’ integration
  • Other specific client`s requests

[service on punching machine]

[head exchange on punching machine]

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