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Company INDEL-USLUGE was established in 1994.year as a service company for sheet metal processing machines. There was a lot of service work to do and the same is today!

Slowly but surely the employee number was growing, and we became recognized on the market by ability of solving the most complex machine issues.

Because of our knowledge and gained confidence, our clients started to ask us for helping them in finding suitable machines for sheet metal processing, new machines and second-hand machines were both equally requested. We have started cooperation with many companies that are producing machines for sheet metal processing and all of them had, and still have international reputation in quality. Successful cooperation is presented in these days too.

We added tooling and other equipment for sheet metal processing to our portfolio.

As pioneer in our market as service and sales company, INDEL-USLUGE company was model for some new created companies with the same principle of work. We are proud to create new trends in our market!

Today, we are leading company in service and sales of the machines in sheet metal processing.

Our main domain is sales of machines, tools and equipment in sheet metal processing industry, service, and maintenance of the CNC machines for sheet metal working, installation and montage of machines, training of your personnel to work on the machines, process automatization and software, counseling regarding the buying machines, new and used ones.

We are still growing and regarding your interest, we are constantly extending our range of the high quality products. By constant education we are expanding our knowledge in new technologies and can solve the most complex service issues.

There is lots of satisfied clients with us. We are support to your successful business!

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