Powered Vacuum Lifters

gifVACU-LIFT offers you a wide variety of standard systems for the gentle transport of your loads, also for sensitive products. A tried and tested technique with outstanding durability. Wheter for particular materials, dimensions or transport situations, temperatures up to 250°C, tubes, spools, concrete parts or even 50 meter long winded rotor blades for wind power stations… we have an easy solution for your load!

HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL TRANSPORT of nearly every material and shape

  • standard and individual solutions
  • long-life, high-quality systems and components
  • flexible configurations for different loads and sensitive surfaces
  • lifitng capacities from 1 up to 50,000 kg and more
Further advantages
  • easy control by hand lever, cable remote control, mounted operating panel, radio controlled or automatic mode
  • low maintenance and easy to service
  • voltages (230 – 500 V, 24 V battery powered)
  • increased safety with optical-acoustical safety unit accordingly DIN EN 13155
  • also safe in case of power failure
  • for indoor and outdoor use
  • made in Germany