High precision punching, nibbling and forming in one economical, yet heavy duty machine with a high speed automatic tool changer, Boschert rounds out its range of CNC punching machine with the new MULTIPUNCH 1250 x 2000.

Many customers have approached Boschert requesting complete processing of sheets without human intervention. The solution is the introduction of the Automatic Tool Changer consisting of 8 stations using the proven Trumpf tooling system. With the ATC is standard, stepless rotation of all tools including Revotool, Boschert’s multi-tool solution. These features provide up to 64 fully indexable tool sets, more than enough for most applications. In addition, it possible to pre-adjust tooling for differing sheet thicknesses, thus eliminating set-up time for recurring jobs.Boschert has built on its extensive experience with over 3,000 punching machines installed around the world. With the addition of the new Automatic Tool Changer machine, the Multipunch, Boschert’s offerings provide sheet metal work solutions to the most important requirements: Precise punching, nibbling and forming on one machine.

The maximum sheet size is 1250mm x 2500mm (4’ x 8’) with maximum sheet thickness of 4mm in stainless steel, 6mm in mild steel or 8mm in aluminium. Due the flexible clamping system, sheets of any size within the capacity of the machine can be clamped and processed quickly and easily. Automatic, precise sheet repositioning, guaranteed by two hold down arms, allows the working of the complete sheet, eliminating waste around the clamps. Combined with full nesting of the sheet, utilization of material is greatly enhanced. Combined with the extremely fast automatic tool change, non-productive downtime is greatly reduced. The

Stanzmaschine Multipunch

Multipunch tool changer accepts standard Trumpf style tools for punching, nibbling and forming just as other Boschert punching machines. It is not necessary to purchase new tools when adding the Multipunch to your punching department. Programming and full control of the machine is very easy and intuitive with the conversational CNC. In addition, the Multipunch is equipped with a programmable small parts chute for pieces up to 200mm x 300mm (8” x 12”) in size. Stopping the program to remove small parts is thus eliminated. Setting of the tools in the cassettes is simple, fast and is done off-line to reduce change-over time. Finally, the Multipunch features standard vacuum slug removal and programmable tool lubrication to further the goal of continuous part production.