LB 13 KE

lb13ke_big Hydraulic 2 station machine for notching and coping.

The LB 13 KE is a machine which dis-tinguishes itself from the basic model by a second work station.

Station 1

Notching with a fixed angle of 90°, other features as for LB 13 Standard.

Station 2

Coping to a depth of 100 mm, 25 mm wide ( Resetting of width as desired ). St 40: 4 mm thick, special steel: 3 mm

The standard equipment contains:

Locking precision stop with stop rails, stripper, stripe cutter, device for notch-ing amplifications of more than 225 mm, freely moveable foot pedal for triggering the stroke, two holding-down clamps for sheet metal and plexiglass guard for notching with a good overall view.

Except steel and stainless steel, the notching machines of Boschert cut also plastic and grid material:

Cutting capacity(90° notching) 6mm mild steel4mm stainless steel
Length of cut 225 x 225 mm
Coping width 25 mm
Coping depth 100 mm
Power supply 5 KVA
Length 1350 mm
Width 1100 mm
Height 1400 mm
Height of table 900 mm
Weight 1100 kg