Standard equipment

Škare Swing beam hydraulic shear. Heavy duty, rigid all welded steel frame. Material Hold-down pressure adjustment proportionally to cutting pressure. Colour Touch Screen 10,4’’. Programmed cutting length. More hold downs near the squaring arm for better holding & cutting of small parts. Automatic programmable high speed CNC back gauge with AC servomotor. Precise Illumination of the cutting line. Special cutting blades made for steel and stainless steel (German origin). Ball casters on the table. Front guard with 1 swivelling part and safety switch. Rear fence equipped with photoelectric guards.2 X front sheet supports 1m each with linear scale. 1 X squaring angle 1m with linear scale. Electrical parts Siemens, Telemecanique. Hydraulic Parts BOSCH-REXROTH.

RTF System: Return to the front

This system is needed for cutting of thin sheet metals and big in width strips. In these cases the strip gets stretched by its weight with main results the wrong stop in the back gauge (so wrong measures) and very bad optical cutting result because the first part of the cutting strip will be distorted by its weight. By activating this function, the cut out doesn’t fall at the back side of the shear; it returns to the shear operator.

NSC System: Narrow Strip Cutting

With the use of this function, there is the ability to cut a very narrow strip, avoiding any kind of distortion. Consequently, we are able to cut a strip of 40mm width from 8mm mild steel, in any length without the phenomenon of distortion. The operator inputs the desired value of the back gauge according to the sheet width; then places the sheet metal to the reference of the back gauge, and he selects from the touch screen the strip’s width of the metal sheet, which he wants to cut.Finally he selects the number of the strip’s we wants to extract from the sheet. The back gauge then automatically takes out the sheet metal through several steps (according to the number of strips) which correspond to the width that he has selected. The strip is taken out by the operator from the front side of the hydraulic shear. In order for this function to be activated, RTF function should be also activated. Finally, NSC function is activated / deactivated easily through the touch screen.

MFP System: Movable Front Panel

One more unique characteristic of our Shearing machines; by this option the front panel is movable towards the cutting length of the machine, so as the operator to be able to work with the Touch panel even if he cuts to the end of the machine.

ATM System: Automatic Thickness Measurement

This is a unique feature which is driving the machine to a premium level of technology. In order to avoid mistakes on the clearance adjustment by the operator, the machine is equipped with a special sensor which automatically measures the material thickness. Immediately the measured thickness it is appeared in the Touch panel and the clearance is been set automatically. This function is easily enabled or disabled through the control panel.

MFS System: Movable Front Supports

An additional unique option of our Shearing cutting machines; by this option the two (2) front supports are independently movable towards the cutting length, so as the operator to be able to move the front supports and adjust them according to the length of his sheet metal.