3 roll machines


Electro-welded frames. Three powered rolls with hydraulic motors installed directly on them. Planetary roll movements and rolls parallelism control by massive torsion bars. No maintenance needed.

All machine parts are of the best qualità and most known brand names easy to find in every corner of the world 12 Months warranty  on all machine components.After sales service able to rapidly solve any kind of problem.quality forged steel. Induction tempered and hardened.

  • High quality forged steel.
  • Induction tempered and hardened.
  • Polishing after hardening.
  • Special version rolls for particular needs upon request.
  • Rolls are mounted on bearings with a double raw rolls.
  • Bearings are pre-lubricated and protected by special washer which don’t need any lubrication for the entire life of the machine
  • 5c64fabfebHydraulic motors together with epicycloidal gear boxes directly mounted on rolls
  • No secondary transmission and, consequently, no maintenance on them.
  • Maximum available couple in every work circumstance.
  • The best solution of transmission without losing power.
  • Planetary movement bending rolls
  • Rolls mounted on rods that turn on pre-lubricating bearings
  • Removal of friction and, consequently, less installed power and high precision for the whole machine life
  • Control of parallelism by massive torsion bars
  • No more problems caused by parallelism hydraulic or electro-hydraulic control
  • Possibility of tilting the rolls for conical working and return to the initial position in a few second.

The planetary movement of the bending rolls designed with new variable geometry allow our machines to bend diameters below 1.1 times the top roll diameter.

This characteristic allows performances up to 30% higher on large diameters compared to our direct competitors.


Typical bending steps on a 3 rolls machine.

Our machines have been designed to work many years without maintenance. This also thanks to the well-known strength of our hydraulic systems. Furthermore, special manual distributors and valves allow us to have infinite variable speeds on all movements. Such a characteristic is very important in some phases of bending.